Sponsors Team Heiner Pups

The Team Heiner Pups program is enabled with the support of (a.o.) the following sponsors:

Moving intelligence

“It is of great importance to maintain the group of young people in yachting. Too often young sailors quit sailing after the optimist class, because our sport offers too little opportunities for them.
Along with this fantastic flow capability we would like to enthuse the more mature youth to keep on exercising this wonderful sport. Moreover this offers a unique opportunity to attract new young sailers”, according to Patrick Horst, CEO of Moving Intelligence.

Kuiper Verzekeringen

Kuiper Verzekeringen, an insurance company specialized in aquatics, based in Heerenveen, shares Roy Heiner’s philosophy: the youth is our future. CEO Jacco Kuiper: “Although sailing races are not our core business, we immediatly were stoked about this project the moment Team Heiner approached us for it.
The average age of water sportsmen – and therefore sailers too – is increasing and we feel the urge to rejuvenate this group the next years. We think both rejuvenation of the sport and living up to a high level of sailing are very important, and both aspects are safe under the care of Team Heiner!”.


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