Teamwork Experience

Our Teamwork Experience goes beyond a fun day on the water because we link a theme to your day, ofcourse you determine the theme. Your specific wishes will be translated into a tailor made program for the day. Themes like, teamwork, trust, stepping out of your comfortzone, setting goals and making strategies or improving performance can be used. Subjects which will not only make a difference on the boat but also within your company.

Throughout the day the choosen theme will play a central role. On shore, plans and strategies will be made which will then be executed on the water. And after lunch you will get the chance to improve on your performance in the morning. This way you and your team can work in an inspiring environment on improvement and pushing your boundaries.

If a management development program is too substantively and our normal event offers too little content our Teamwork Experience might just be the challenging activity you are looking for, which will inspire you and your team to further develop yourselves.

[Job Knoester] Team Heiner - Regio Zwolle Regatta 2016 SMALL-91