Action Learning

Creating success as an organisation is very similar to becoming successful in topsports. What it takes is a clear goal, a good team, a sound training program and a topcoach. And above all: the inspiration and the courage to take the next step!

Our action learning programmes inspire people, teams and organisations to sharpen their goals, dare to push their boundaries, to get into shape together. That is how they win.

We support individuals, teams and organizations in developing their cooperation towards success and the leadership it takes to do so. We start off by experiencing success in a competitive, action-learning environment. There is no way to hide on board and the confrontation with yourself and the team is inevitable. By translating the lessons-learned to the working environment, it becomes clear how high the bar is set, which behavior is needed and how to develop that in real life. Learning to learn and continuous improvement resulting in success.

As Team Heiner management trainers we have a proven track record in business as well as in topsports sailing.