Inspiring presentations

In an inspiring manner we take you on a trip into our world, the world of professional yachtracing. Stories from first hand experience in four Olympic Games, three Volvo Ocean Races and one America’s Cup. Every single one of these experiences has been pushing and even crossing the boundaries of personal- and teamdevelopment. Talking about the technical side of sailing is fun, but it is even more fun to talk about the process. This same process you can use within your company to reach the goals you set. The process of being a topsportsman is not that different from peoples processes in the corporate world.

Roy Heiner is a frequently asked speaker. He is an inspirational speaker who speaks fervently about leadership, teambuilding and the need to work together, these themes are combined with anecdotes and pictures drawn from his rich sailing career. Furthermore, Roy has the ability to draw striking parallels between the world of topsport and the corporate world. The fine tuning of the presentation will be determined by mutual agreement in advance.

Roy Heiner