The Max Fun 35

Spring 2002, the first Max Fun 35 was delivered. During the 2003 Hiswa Boat Show, the design was acclaimed to be the boat of the year. The jury rapport was true: “the Max Fun 35 is an ‘exciting boat’. The ship is relatively simple to crew and because of the design, high speed can easily be attained.”

There are two Max Fun 35’s in the Team Heiner fleet. These yachts are mostly used during events and management training sessions. A spectacular boat, an exceptional racing yacht with a wide deck and easy to use material.

Max Funs

The specifications of the Max Fun 35 are:
Length: 10,70 m
Width: 3,25 m
Depth: 2,20 m
Mailsail: 45,0 m2
Genua: 7,2 m2
Spi: 145,0 m2