Olympic Challenge

Ever wondered what it is like to sail your own Olympics? After a short practise round with your team you are on your own! No need to worry, because you will be accompanied by an experienced Team Heiner skipper. But you are performing all the necessary manoeuvres and make the tactical decisions necessary to steer the boat around the race track. The boats are equal, you and your team are the decisive factor.

In the Olympic Challenge it is all about fleetracing, you sail around a race track of about 15 to 20 minutes. Because you are with many boats you get the sensation of sailing very close to other boats which leaves no room for errors in your teamwork. Just as in the Olympics is the last race the ‘medal race’ and you‘ll be awarded double points. An Olympic Challenge can be organised for both small and large groups, and because of the short manoeuvring and close racing we offer this event throughout the year, you won’t have time to get cold!