Team Heiner Pups ’16

In autumn 2015 Team Heiner had selected in a complete new group of young sailors for the ‘Team Heiner Pups’. This new Pups team follows the same course as the present Pups team that started in 2014. So from now on the Team Heiner Pups exist of two teams.

The young sailors selected for the Team Heiner Pups ’16 are, in alphabetic order: Julia Aartsen, Joost van Gemert, Wes van Herpen, Rosalin Kuiper, Arianne van de Loosdrecht, Rosalie Paardekooper, Laura Parre, Catja Roggema, Thijs van Tol and Rutger Vos. They also write their reports of the courses and the races independently on this page (in Dutch).

Team Heiner Pups '16