The Team Heiner 38

A new period with exciting boats has begun. The Team Heiner 38 can sail faster than the wind.
Juan Kouyoumdian and Roy Heiner designed the ‘little sister’ of the present V-70 generation, the type of boat that first sailed in the 2005/2006 Volvo Ocean Race. Roy Heiner: “With the Team Heiner 38, we wish to make the knowledge gained from the VOR 70 available to private owners and give them the same feeling of speed.”

And how! The Team Heiner 38 is a boat which sails up to 8 knots faster than the wind and by 20 knots of wind has almost the same wind speed. Thanks to the double rudders the Team Heiner 38 remains easy to steer and the maneuvers are easy to carry out because the mast has no backstays. “We really wanted to do this and not leave it at meetings, drawings and big talk, but really build an exciting boat, a real racer in which one can experience the excitement on deck.” according to Roy Heiner.